We have completed assignments for International Clients, Private Investors, major Canadian institutions including: Pension Funds; Financial Institutions, including Banks and Mortgage Trust Companies; Private Sellers/Purchasers/Investors; Law Firms; Management Companies; Real Estate Mortgage Brokers; Developers; and, Government Institutions.

Our appraisal services include those required for…… mortgage financing and lending purposes; market value for current, retrospective and prospective valuations; land rent and ground lease valuations; quarterly and annual reporting; acquisitions & disposition negotiations; making real estate investment decisions; business mergers, acquisitions or dissolutions involving real estate; market analysis and market rent studies; cost-benefit studies; feasibility studies; and valuing private property acquired by governments for public use.

When to engage our services…..Leonard, McCoubrey & Associates Ltd. offer a broad scope of property valuation services to their clients. We provide an independent, informed, and professional opinion on the quality, value, or utility of a specific property.

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